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[Feature] Be able to hide toolbars on the note screen

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Currently there's no way to hide toolbars on the note screen in windows.


For small notes they just take too much space on the screen. Also I rarely use any of them.


I'd like to have a configuration to hide various toolbars.



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I absolutely agree with you! That's the single thing I hate about Evernote, which prevents me from using it as my only note-taking app. If I want to jot down just a couple of words/want to have a small window open next to whatever application I'm using, I usually just go with Notepad... Here a little comparison of how it looks on my laptop screen. The usable space in Evernote is about 1/2 of the one in Notepad. Not only are there so many toolbars but they are also extensively spaced. I don't mind it in the normal Evernote view that much (even though I'd be happy if this one would be a bit more compact, too) but for the note view it's a serious overkill.


I'd switch to Evernote Plus / Premium for this single feature: the ability to hide and, preferably, modify toolbars. Please, do something about it.



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