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Can't redeem offer for Premium Evernote

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I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.  Evernote premium was bundled with the package; however, upon accessing my Evernote account from my device, I was not upgraded to Premium.  Other applications such as Dropbox updated automatically (per what was bundled with the package).  Evernote didn't.


Has anyone else had any problem with this?  Could I ask the Evernote team to respond?


It would be great to receive any advice/steps that I must follow in order to activate my free Evernote Premium subscription for one year.




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Why dont you try to contact the company you bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from?. If they offer Evernote premium with that product, I guess they have a business agreement with Evernote Inc.
So you bought the product, but your account hasn't upgraded yet. So I guess it is more likely to be a logistic problem from the company you bought the Galaxy Note from. Maybe Evernote hasn't received notification of your purchase.

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As I understand - the activation occurs automatically upon accessing the application from the device.  Other applications updated automatically.  


That said - I may contact Samsung in parallel too; however, I would like to see Evernote's response to this  :)

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