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Shared pages have obtrusive Evernote advert window

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When I share a note or a notebook and I send the link to another and they click on the link there is an obtrusive (annoying and worrying) Evernote advert window overlayed on the shared note / notebook. I understand Evernote wish to expand the community but there are problems not so much with this method but with the presentation *and* the text.


The clicker of the link is presented with two options. One is prominent. "JOIN EVERNOTE, SIGNUP" or "JOIN THIS NOTEBOOK" (or words to that effect) and the other is below, in less bold colours "continue without signing up" (or words to that effect). This inhibits people from continuing to the content I have posted in the note or notebook. It frightens them off!


Please make the overlayed window less prominent. Please give equal weight to the "continue without joining / signing up / divulging id / providing health insurance data / selling oneself into slavery" option. 


Perhaps make the ad less obtrusive? Make it an UNDERlayed window? Make it bottom right, not top left. Make it smaller: How about "Like what you see? Click thru for more about Evernote" or "More about Evernote": that's all you would need.


I think Evernote Inc does not realise the service sells itself. There is NO NEED for the annoying overlay which I think DISSUADES people from using Evernote. Me too, now. I have been a most enthusiastic (zero-revenue!) user


I LIKE Evernote. And I pay nothing to use it. So thank you! But this and a few other annoyances make me wonder if there isn't something else :-(

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I too would like to add my voice to this.


I understand that Evernote want's to grow the user base and that by placing this advert over the shared content I'm sure it does help get some more sign-ups.


However, this advert causes problems... I've had several occasions where I have sent people a link to something I've shared in Evernote and they've seen the advert and thought that they needed to sign-up in order to see the content. The 'skip' button is just not seen by people and in my case they just didn't want to sign-up and therefore closed the window without viewing the content I was trying to share!


This means that I'm now very reluctant to share content with people through Evernote. Instead I have to export it to a PDF and send that to them instead. This is obviously less than ideal for everyone.


Please really consider making the advert less obtrusive in some way. Or perhaps even have an option not to show it at all if you have a premium account. 


This is really hurting my usage of Evernote I'm afraid...




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