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Conflicting modifications

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This sometimes occurs when notes on two different clients (e.g., on your mobile device and your desktop) get modified quickly or simultaneously, and when synced, Evernote can't distinguish which one is the most recent or should take precedence. This is most likely with shared notes, but a single user can do this too, if for example, you have Evernote open on your iPhone and your computer and make changes to the same note, or if you made changes on one device when you didn't have network access, then made changes on another device, and when the first device finally syncs, a conflict is created. 


To get rid of these "conflicting note" notebooks and notes, you should review the notes in the conflicting changes notebook to reconcile it with the actual note. It is possible that the conflicting note might contain more recent modifications, and you might want to manually merge their contents, or move the conflicting note into the proper notebook and delete the other note. 

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Thanks for suggestion but for some reason I don't have a conflicting notes heading. I used to get rid of conflicting notes that way and thought something had been changed. I have checked the mobile version and the pc web version and neither have got a conflicting notebook. Can it get hidden by mistake somehow. TIA

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I'm assuming you saw a note ore notebook with "conflicting changes" appended to the title on at least 1 device, otherwise I'm not sure what you are talking about.

If you are seeing a note with a " conflicting modifications " heading and content appended underneath, the cause is the same as described above, and the solution is the same.

"Conflicting notes" are placed in a notebook called "conflicting notes" which is local to the device ( not synced, won't appear on other devices) so that conflict can be seen only on that one device and must be resolved there.

It is not possible to disable either behaviour because doing so would result in data loss when sync conflicts inevitably occur. I'd rather have to manually reconcile changes than lose data!

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Where are you seeing these conflicting notes? 


There are two types of conflicts I've experienced in Evernote.

1) A sync issue has resulted in two version of a note to conflict. In this case one note gets placed in a newly created local notebook called "conflicting changes DATE", the other version stays wherever it has always been. 


2) A sync issue has resulted in Evernote losing track of which modifications to a note were made at what time. Evernote appends another version of the note to the same note, resulting in your original note being followed by a "Conflicting modifications DATE" heading, which is followed by the modified version of the note. 

In (1), evernote creates TWO notes. One is in the original location, one is located in a newly created conflicting notes notebook. 

In (2), Evernote appends the conflicting content to the note itself. 


To resolve EITHER of these issues, you review the conflict manually and reconcile any changes that need reconciling.

Once the changes are reconciled, you can delete whatever is extraneous, either the appended content at the end of the note as in (2), or the no-longer-needed additional notes created as in (1). 


Which one of these are you seeing? Are you seeing your original note with conflicting material appended (e.g., 2)? or are you seeing an entirely separately created note in addition to your original note (e.g., 1)?


Thanks for replies so far. But I have checked all 3 devices that I use and none of them show a conflicting notebook. So still unable to clear the conflicting notes.


If you have reconciled the conflicts, just delete the conflicting notes, or deleting the appended conflicting content. 

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I also have several conflicting modifications but only on my mac, not my iPad or iPhone.  The notebooks are empty but still can't seem to delete them.

Right clicking on the empty notebooks and selecting "delete notebook" doesn't work? 


(also, the reason they don't appear on the other devices is because conflicting changes notebooks are "local" notebooks so that you don't sync a bunch of conflicting notes all over the place). 

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This is so annoying; I have 2 conflicting notes that were completed on different times, but sync'd around the same time (one was previously offline). Is there not a way to combine these two notes without me having to go thru each of them and find the discrepancies?!? This takes forever. They were both notes to which items were ADDED, not CHANGED. Surely this is 'syncable'?? 

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I have Conflicts as well, but I do have Conflict Notebook called Notebook Stack the Notebook Stack [2] and so on.

Thing is I only have a Note in these folders without an original note anywhere else. Except for 1 which has the two.

EN would have been on 2 x Win 10 and both would have been open but only one worked on at the time.

I notice I have [10] of them.  One is titled 'Mac Addresses' in Notebook Stack [10] - only one in that folder.

How can I compare it? to what ?

If I do delete them, should I be sure to only have one program open, the sync?

Woulkdn't it have been better to just make a copy of the file and name as copy1 so it can be clearly seen on the tree then compared easily?

Hope for some help.









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