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How do you export a notebook with WORKING links to other notes?

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So I have a nice note with links lots of other notes.  Kind of like of table of contents.  I've tried exporting in all the available formats available but none seem to maintain the inter-note links (the links are there but the link target does not get exported.)  I find this surprising because creating links between notes is kind of the point of evernote. What am I missing?  Also, how is this not on the FAQ?

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I don't believe this is possible. I think the best way would be to export to HTML and then recreate the links in HTML based on the directories that the newly exported notes are in on your computer. 


That being said, these links would be easily broken as soon as you move the folder of exported notes to a new location. 



It isn't in the FAQ because: 1) it may not be frequently asked; and 2) it isn't possible. 


(I should add that I can see how this is a reasonable request, but I just can't see it being implemented because it would be technically a bit challenging, and I don't think, anecdotally, it is a highly requested feature.... in my several years participating in this community this is the first I've seen such a feature requested). 


If you are concerned about preserving the relationship between notes when moving them around, some online or at least "web-like" system such as an honest-to-goodness Wiki might be better. 

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I think this (maintaining Note links in exported files) would be a great idea, and actually might be used quite often.


It seems that Evernote is having many issues today that are ostensibly solved by doing a clean reinstall on your PC or Mac.

This requires that, if you have any Local NBs, that you export these NBs to ENEX before deleting/renaming the Evernote folder/database.  Thus, ALL LINKS in the Local NBs will now be broken/lost.


If Evernote would provide either an alternate method of  linking, or a link repair utility, it would be extremely helpful.

It seems to me that when the Notes are exported to HTML, that it should be required to export them with standard HTML hyperlinks.

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Thanks for the replys. I'm a bit shocked that this has not been a popular issue. Linking related documents is a key feature in evermore and breaking those links when exporting or backing up is a huge oversight. Does OneNote offer this basic compatibility?

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Ok. This is becoming a bigger deal than I originally realized. I really need to be able to export/share this content and have the recipients able to use the links. Can I make a backup or send out the original files? Will they need access to my account? Is there anyway that anyone else besides me can have the bility to use this content and click on these links? Is it really this impossible?

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Evernote is really missing the boat if does not recognize how big of an issue this is. For those of us that are advanced users, this has become a business tool to express ideas, concepts, communicate more effectively. If you cannot export it verbatim, You are dead in the water when it comes to expressing your idea. There is not technical reason why this can't be accomplished. simply create directories with the links and use relative paths in the HTML code. Then when the directory is moved all the links are moved and the path is relative so it works wherever you mail it. I wonder if evernote is taking an APPLE (Steve Jobs) approach to it's tool.This kind of thinking is not right for software. Even Job's recognized that by building on UNIX. Evernote please address this issue, THIS IS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM !  

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