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Evernote Dumped my entire To Do List

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Hi, I'm new to Evernote, and wonder if anybody else has had my problem. I've created about 6 notebooks, and the main one I have been using is my general "To Do" list. In that notebook I had primarily one single note, with a long list of things I need to do for my business.

I was using it on a daily basis to track what I need to do. However several weeks ago I stopped using it because it logged me out and I didn't remember my password, plus it was giving me a message about upgrading to a new version. I didn't want to deal with it at the time.


Today, I was ready to deal with it. So I reset my password, and got in. I see a new look, but worryingly, my entire "To Do" notebook has vanished!!! This is quite concerning as I was relying on this to keep everything I need to remember to do.


Please advise if there is any way to get my notebook back. And specifically that one long note with my list on it.



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Problem SOLVED!!

Everything showed up again when I logged in from my desktop Evernote icon, instead of online. I hadn't been aware there were two ways to log in.

It doesn't matter how you log in or what Evernote client you're using. If you're logging into the same account, the notes are the same, as long as you've been syncing all your computers/devices after making changes or adding notes. That's kind of the point of Evernote.

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