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Bullet list formatting inconsistent between iOS and Mac



Ever since the 5.6.0 release of Evernote for Mac the formatting of bullet lists on the Mac App has changed, such that there are no longer any additional spacing between the lines preceding and following the first and last item respectively of the bullet list. It is now inconsistent with the iOS app, which still shows an additional spacing equivalent to that of a blank line before and after a bullet list.


This inconsistency can lead me to inadvertently keep changing the formatting of my notes by manually inserting or removing these additional blank lines to make them look better on the device I am currently looking at the note with, which gets very annoying. This is illustrated in the attached image of a note with bullet lists in Evernote for Mac, with the iOS version of the same note overlaid on the right of the image.


If the new formatting introduced in the 5.6.0 release of Evernote for Mac is intentional, then can you please update your iOS app to format the bullet lists in the same manner!





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Thanks for the link to that discussion - you appear to have at least made better progress than I in contacting somebody who actually understands where Evernote development is heading. The support ticket discussions are nothing more than a bunch of automated responses with irrelevant advice.


On that particular problem I wrote about this back in September but didn't get much success about it then (other than a confirmation that the change was at least intentional): https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67533-evernote-for-mac-56/?p=304676

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