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Very long URLs force note width change



If I paste a long URL into a note in the Evernote window it will neatly wrap the URL onto another line. However, if the URL needs to be wrapped onto a third line then the width of the note is made wider rather than the URL being wrapped to the third line. This is really annoying when you need to insert a long URL into an existing large note, as the width of the entire note is made unnecessarily larger than your Evernote window requiring you to horizontally scroll the note within the window to view all the text of any line!


See attached image as an illustration of this problem. I don't think this wrapping bug existed prior to 5.7.x, as I only noticed it affected my existing notes after a software upgrade. Now I have to go through all my notes and attempt to identify the long URLs to make my notes' widths fit within my Evernote window!


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