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(Archived) Feature Request: External text editor

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I really like my text editor and I really like Evernote. I really wish I could use my favorite text editor when I'm on my mac and still have the convenience that Evernote offers of being able to edit from the web and my iPhone.

My request would be to have the ability to specify an external editor or, better yet, a directory where I can put notes that would be synced like all the other notes. If I added a file in there, it would be the same as creating a new note inside of the application. If I want to modify the meta-data, I'd obviously have to do that inside of Evernote itself, but the folder structure could potentially be used as tags or something like that.

To be clear: this feature would be valuable enough to me that I would be willing to switch from free to premium for it. It is the reason why I use Evernote about 20% of what I really could. 95% of my files are text files, but I'm tied very closely to my text editor.


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In your account properties you can specify a folder that EN will automatically import whatever you put there. If you put a text file there it will create a new note from the contents of the file (just tested this in Windows, not sure if it works the same way on a Mac).

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You can use an external editor to create the initial note, and then use various scripts or tools to bring this into Evernote. There's no way to launch an external editor for notes from within a desktop client. No other editor can safely represent and express all of the concepts and contents that can go into an Evernote note, so it's not safe to use a plaintext editor to edit a note that may contain:

file attachments


To-Do checkboxes

Encrypted text



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