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safari Duplicate blank note is created when I use Webclipper

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The last few weeks Evernote creates a duplicate blank note (except for the title) for about 50% of the web clippings I make.


I never changed any settings; it just started doing this one day.


Does anyone know a solution to this?



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I was encountering the same problem today. By any chance did you have the Bookmarks / Reading List open in the left sidebar?


I had a bunch of pages in my Reading List, and I was going through them one-by-one. I used Evernote's Web Clipper extension to clip some of the pages to Evernote. Even if I closed the Reading List before clipping the page, I still got the same result: two pages, one of which was blank.


To solve the problem, I copied the URL of the page I wanted to bookmark to a new tab (and yes, you can keep the Reading List open in the left sidebar). I would then clip the page from the new tab, and everything worked fine.


Extra steps aren't fun, but at least there is a work-around.





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