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Feature request: indent/outdent



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I've been using the paid version of Evernote for a few months now and I can't believe how amateurish the text formatting is for something that literally has the word "note" in it's name.


It's as if someone at Evernote hates Mac users and prides themselves on shrugging off the most basic feature of note taking, the outline.


Please, please, please for the love of your customers at least add some indent/outdent controls to the text formatting menu bar.


P.S. Even this dialog I'm typing in has indent/outdent controls.

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Indent/outdent (without lists) is really something I'm missing in the Mac Version! Please add it!!

In the Windows version on my office PC I use it a lot to highlight quotations from other texts. When editing those notes back at home on my Mac I cannot follow this standard. Instead I have to use a tab (=3 spaces). But it looks much less highlighted, especially after a soft line break (the next line won't be indented as opposed to "Ctrl+M"-indentation!).

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WinEN35 does indeed promote/demote bulleted/numbered lists.

A bit unusual, but it works. Version WinEN

CTRL+] demotes & CTRL+[ promotes. Works as indent not tab for simple un-bulleted text lines. Who knew.

It doesn't work very well though. And why did they change it from ctrl-M which worked in the prior version?

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