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Feedly + Evernote


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forevernoted - I use Feedly and Evernote together regularly.  The workaround to paying for Feedly Premium is to use Pocket.  I save anything in Feedly that I want to go into Evernote into Pocket (free).  Then, I have an IFTTT recipe (free) which adds anything new in Pocket into Evernote.  Works like a charm!

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There is an even better, more direct way !! Use Inoreader instead of Feedly. The "save to Evernote" feature is free. And so is the "save to Pocket" feature if you still need it.

No need to go via IFTTT.



Thanks man. Ya i was looking for a good work around for this. Downloaded pocket.


I'll have to set that up and learn about IFTTT.



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