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(Archived) Ability to hide notebooks



One feature that could be cool is the ability to "hide" a notebook from the UI. I mean tags and search are neat, but you rapidly have many notebooks as it's still the easiest way to do first-level organization. So I suggest to add a "hide notebook" feature (like you can hide photos in iPhoto for instance): it's perfect to get out of the way old notebooks you don't really care about anymore, but you certainly don't want to trash either.

Of course, you would add a menu item with "Show Hidden Notebooks" and to make them visible, but maybe slightly grayed out or something.

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Count me in for hiding notebooks too. I don't really care that I carry all my stuff around to clients too, but when I do a rapid search, I don't want personal receipts and other data showing up. Another use for me would be 'deactivating' a notebook: I use a notebook per client in which I dump all stuff related to that client, but this quickly adds up and clutters the UI.

In short, I would like a feature that says "hide this notebook on this machine", after which it treats the notebook like it does not exist, i.e. it does not show up in the list of notebooks, and its items do not show up in searches. While I'm theorizing about how this feature might work, a second step would be the ability to selectively sync a notebook: now some notebooks aren't shown, there is no need to store their data on that given machine, but I would like the choice of 'sync but hide' or 'don't sync'.

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