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View As Attachment vs View Inline

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I like to view my attachments within notes as attachments, recently files will appear in the view inline mode.  when I right click to change viewing method the choice is not always available.  This is happening on my Mac but not on my Windows computer.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't see how a reinstall would help this issue.  Reinstall is easy to suggest, but it shouldn't be thrown out as the first recourse.

Reinstall can be a long, painful process if you have lots of Notes.


In this case, I believe the most recent versions of Evernote have this issue.  I've seen a number of users report it.


@amosf: you might try this first, before trying a reinstall (which may or may not help):

  1. Check Evernote Preferences and make sure the default for "PDFs and Office Docs" is "As Attachments"
  2. Before right-clicking on the attachment, select it (click and drag across the attachment).
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