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clean install of Yosemite, how to restore local notebooks

Marcus with a C


Hello everyone.

with Yosemite now out I want to do a clean install and not to do a full restore from my Time Machine backup but rather start from scratch.

I think I am ok to reinstall the program and pull just docs and pics from the Time Machine Backup but how do I restore my local Evernote notebooks. I guess all other data will be automatically downloaded again once I install Evernote on my Mac and log into my account the first time!? But as the local notebooks are not synced, I am sure there is another way  :huh: .


Should I move them to a synced notebooks to transfer them safely?



Many thanks.


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How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac

  1. Export to ENEX files any Local NBs that you may have
  2. Backup the entire Evernote data folder (as shown in Step #3)
  3. Completely uninstall EN Mac App and data
  4. Download the latest EN Mac app from the Evernote.com web site
  5. Install the latest EN Mac App
  6. Allow it to sync (download in this case) all of your Notes from the EN Cloud.
  7. IF you had any Local NBs, import the ENEX files (from Step #1) into this new install


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