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Active Premium account went back to free

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I paid for the premium account today for one year and I just don't want a recurring payment. So I cancelled my auto-renewing Premium subscription, and it says "Your account will remain a Premium account until your current billing cycle ends. Once your subscription runs out, your account will be automatically converted to a Free account." ...


As soon as I cancelled the auto-renewing, My account went back to the Free Status. I used customer support to connect the Evernote team but there is no reply.


My ticket number is Ticket# 808846 .. Can anyone help me? 




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Hi. You'll need to work with Evernote's Tech Support and they are not open on weekends. You've done the right thing by submitting a ticket and posting the number here. Hopefully, someone from EN will see this on Monday and contact you to correct it.

Good luck!

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