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Share>Email option?



With the recent upgrade in Evernote Mac V. 5.7.1 it appears as though they've removed the ability to simply email a note from the Shared command and replaced it the ability to share only via Evernote chat.  This feature also provided the option to c.c.yourself, also a great feature for me, as I work on several computers over several platforms (Mac, PC & iOS)


Am I missing anything?  This was a remarkably functional feature.


Does anyone have any thoughts or input?

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It's not gone entirely, but it is now nested in the Note menu (Note > More Sharing > Email Note...).  Which I grant you is really annoying and as I said in the other thread on this topic, highly short-sighted on the devs' part, in my view.  


However, you can create a keyboard shortcut on your Mac, as follows:

  1. Open System Preferences > Keyboard
  2. Select the "Shortcuts" tab
  3. Select "App Shortcuts" in the left pane
  4. Click the "+" button to add a new shortcut
  5. In the popup window - select Evernote in the "Application" field
  6. In the "Menu Title" type "Email Note…"  - it is important that you type it exactly like that, case sensitive, and be aware that the "..." is NOT a simple "dot dot dot" - it's an ellipsis character which is achieved by typing Option and Semi-Colon together  (that is, the ⌥ and the ; keys)
  7. Select your desired keyboard combination to activate

You are good to go - this shortcut will now trigger the "Email Note..." option, within Evernote only.


Hope this helps.

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This is really a horrible design choice by the Mac team.  I use the share function to email notes all the time in the Windows version I use at work.  Not even a keyboard shortcut to share via email.


As an editorial comment - they are driving people to use the workchat feature (hubris) forcibly (or via inconvenience) to justify what they think is a slick new feature.  When I tried sharing via workchat - the email the person receives doesn't even have the shared not in it.  They have to click through the email.  Why make it a hassle for people you are sharing with?  No to mention the fact that the person you are sending it to doesn't have it in offline mode and has to do an extra step.

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