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App 'complete or broken'



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Many times a simple uninstall (move Evernote app to trash) and then re-download and re-install will fix the type of problem you are having.  You data should be safe, BUT, it is always a good idea to backup your data before an update.


To Backup your Evernote Mac folder/database:

  1. Goto Evernote Mac > About Evernote
  2. Hold down the OPTION key to reveal the “Open Database Folder” link
  3. Click on this link to open the Mac Finder to this folder
  4. QUIT Evernote, both the App and from the Apple menu (if it is still there)
  5. The Finder is showing the EN data folder for the current EN account that you are logged in to on your Mac
  6. In the Finder, move back to the “Evernote” folder.
  7. Backup this “Evernote” folder, either by a copy to another location (preferably to an external drive), or using Time Machine

Now you're ready to uninstall, re-download and install Evernote Mac.

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