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Upload allowance will not reset (three weeks passed)





I have used Evernote premium for a few time, but now the period ended and I did not want to upgrade again.


I have no problem using Evernote online, however, my Evernote desktop client won't reset the upload allowance, therefore not letting me edit any note in any synced notebook.


When the premium ended (3 weeks ago), the desktop client said that it would reset the limit allowance in 20 days, and it was at 60MB already. The web client said that it would reset in 20 days as well, but it was almost at 0MB. I used a lot of space during premium, but I synced everything before it ended. Once I was on the free program I did not upload that much.


I did try syncing a lot of times, but it didn't do anything. I even uninstalled the program, without anything happening. So I waited. Yesterday the upload allowance was supposed to reset, but I still couldn't upload anything. Today I went to the desktop client and, to my surprise, now there are 29 days missing till the next reset and I am already at the 60MB mark.


What can I do to normalize the situation?


Thank you!



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