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Changed search box behavior after clearing search



I believe this has changed in 5.5 because it definitely didn't act like this previously.  Wondering if others have found the same?  It's an annoying matter of NOT making the search block selected once you X out a search term in the Evernote window.  This is what I have found to happen:


1)  Enter a search term in the block

2)  Select the "X" to remove the search

3)  The search block is NOT selected, i.e. if you start typing, all you get is the thud (on Mac)

4)  You have to select the darned block and then begin typing your next search term.


Previously I am certain (almost) that once you X'ed out the search, it would default your cursor to the search block.  I mean, why wouldn't it?  You don't have a note selected yet, because you just X'ed the search block.  If you wanted a note, you would have selected the note.


This strikes me as a bug, and I was wondering if other people have seen the behavior as well.  Again, this is on Mac.  Thanks.



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