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'Share' Options in Evernote

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Hello, anyone has any idea how I can increase the no. of sharing options in my Evernote? I currently could only share notes/notebooks to 'Evernote' (from within Evernote - kinda pointless) and 'Messages'. I would like to add more pragmatic destinations like Mail, Dropbox or Facebook. Any advice? Thank you.

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Hi.  Not sure what your problem is here - you can share notes or groups of notes (notebooks) with other people,  publish notes to blogs,  Facebook or send them by email,  and manage a chat with them via Work Chat which also includes shared notes.  Having clipped a web page and added some comment to create an information point,  why exactly would I need to send it to Dropbox?  Everything else is already available.

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 Any advice?


Give a little forethought as to where you'd like to stash your information, such as PDFs, images, notes, etc... and then put them there - i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. If you've got something in Evernote, you must have put it there yourself... so why would you want to duplicate it? If there's something that you can't transfer - like a web clipping - it's because other platforms do not hold Web clippings the way Evernote does... so how would you get it out and into, say, Dropbox in the first place? My advice is that you need to think through where you want what information, because simply having an option to share to wherever is kind of pointless. Usually Evernote is the end destination for whatever it is you want to give a home. That's why countless apps can send to Evernote. Any other pragmatic destinations you can think of besides Dropbox? 

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Hey guys,

Thanks for you replies. I guess I am treating Evernote not as a home destination for most of my docs. I mainly do web clipping with it and at times, I do combine stuff from different web pages into a single note. For example, different recipes for lasagne and once I compile this I would usually want to store it in Dropbox or Google drive. Moreover sharing notes on Evernote can be challenging if the party does not use this platform.

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Hey Shl,

Ok, that's a very specific use case… At least you know what you want :-)

If you really want your web clippings in Google drive or dropbox, I imagine you would have to create a PDF/ Word doc first, in order to get it in there. BUT... Dropbox and Google drive will not search your recipes quite the way Evernote does.

Evernote is actually a pretty good place to call "home destination". If I understand correctly, it seems the main reason you want to store your with clippings in, say, dropbox, is for more versatile sharing options. For example, I know I can send photos to my friends via a dropbox link they can access to download… Even if they don't have a dropbox account.

If most of what you would like to do is to share web clippings, it might be easier to send a link to the web page to friends... I don't know… It might be a lot of extra admin to create a PDF or document you can share through dropbox or Google Drive.

As a sidenote… You might want to take a look at applications like "Pocket", or some similar app. There are tons more options for sharing the web pages you save to your account. But the thing about Evernote, is that you will be able to search your recipes… And all other stuff you input, too.

Did you know that you can share an Evernote note with someone who doesn't have an account? You can either create a public note… Or a public notebook. Then, that page is viewable, just as a link to the original webpage would be... Just on the Evernote platform. Also, the URL of the page your clipped from should be included at the header of the note… So the person you are sharing with could easily go along to the original web page.

In summary… Google Drive and dropbox can neither search nor hold web clippings in quite the same way Evernote can. It would involve creating a commonly recognized document to store in there… And then personally, for you, not as searchable.

I would really recommend tinkering around a little more with Evernote… To get comfortable with the possibilities it can present (In terms of sharing) :-)

Happy clipping!

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