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Is it Yosemite, or Evernote trying to do too much



I currently use EN on 3 devices: Mac (Yosemite), iPhone (8.1) and Samsung Note 3.

Everything has been running well until about 10 days ago (some days past Yosemite upgrade).

Both mobile devices: Every time I use EN, it closes down for unexplainable reasons. When re-activated it comes up with a message about 'closed down unexpected and needed to report back to EV'. Annoying, but not disasterous.

Today when I tried to open EN on the Mac, I got the following message : "You can't open the application "Evernote" because it may be damaged or incomplete" And alarm bells started to ring

Does this mean I can't trust that information in EN? And should change to another more stable solution?

Or are there problems with Yosemite/8.1 which EN haven't fixed yet because they have do not have enough resources to keep everything up to date, and that it will be fixed 'eventually'?

Anybody have a suggesting?

Thank you in advance, Peter

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You're going to see that more and more, and in itself is nothing to be alarmed about. I believe it's due to overzealous sandboxing or code-signing requirements, and is easily solved by trashing that app copy snd downloading a fresh one. If it persists, tell Evernote. But it's Apple's fault, not EN, not really 


And what is your setting in Security and Privacy System Preferences? Of course, any app can be opened from the contextual menu - not sure I get Apple's thinking here. That users are idiots? Who do not know how to use The Google?

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Evernote's KB article about the v6.x (Yosemite) release and subsequent problems...

Blog item on 6.x -

Most important tip about the latest version (6.0.3)  seems to be to reboot the device after the update and allow Evernote to reindex its database.

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Most important tip about the latest version (6.0.3)  seems to be to reboot the device after the update and allow Evernote to reindex its database.


Thanks for the links. I've followed this advice for every update over the last two months and, if anything, stability has decreased. Nothing seems to work.

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Here we are a couple of weeks following my initial concern.

I appreciate the comments and suggestions; I have followed each and every one - and nothing has changed.

App every 4 days I have to download yet another copy of Evernote, now I'm swapping Evernotes direct site and iTunes App Store; no improvement in stability.

This is starting to become a joke. While I appreciate the capabilities of Evernote, who needs the waste of time and frustration involved? looking at alternatives. Microsoft's OneNote looks interesting.


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