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Possibility to reference notes while recording a note; without stopping the recording?

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Is it possible to refer to your notes, while also make a new audio note?  


For example, I'm sitting in class taking an audio note of a current lecture, but want to look back at a previous lecture note while not stopping the current note I am taking.  


If this is discussed elsewhere, please point me in that direction.   Thank you.  

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It can most certainly be done on the desktop client by double clicking on the note (in the note list) you intend to contain the audio file... which will open up in a separate window. You can then get the recording going and simultaneously navigate your account through the main interface. Not sure whether you'll be using a laptop in class, though.

If you're using a mobile device, such as an iPad, as far as I can see, it's not possible. Perhaps you could use, say, your cell phone to record the lecture and a tablet to access other notes. Or else, use your mobile device's native audio recorder simultaneously and pop it into Evernote later.

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That's it! Thank you.  And really it was such a simple thing.  


The complication I was running into was that I would start the recording within the program (client?) on my laptop, and then when I went to search other notes it would immediately stop the recording.  


What I did differently after experimenting with your suggestion; was to start the note in a separate window first, then begin the recording, then I could click around and search my previous notes.  




Thank you again.  

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No disrespect to Evernote (or Frank) but I get nervous using an app for two things simultaneously.  Always afraid my TFS (thick finger syndrome) will kick in and I'll close the wrong window / otherwise kill the recording when I absolutely don't want to,  while fiddling around taking notes.


I prefer to use something else to record - like Audacity - and save the resulting MP3 file in with my note.  Still plays on any device I use to view Evernote and I don't run any risks with what might be a one-chance recording.


(In really serious cases I'd record with a phone or something else too as a backup!)

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