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Impact of changing internet providers.

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My Evernote was working fine until I changed to AT&T. Now, all I get are constant 'Failure to Sync' messages, can't connect to Evernote service messages and it won't update my monthly data allowance. . so it's virtually unusable. I see the ISP addy has been changed from it's original and what it's calling the app name has also been changed, not by me. I can only guess it's due to the ATT modem, but how do I get back my original settings that were working? I even downloaded a fresh copy of Evernote to no avail; computer has been restarted multiple times over the last couple weeks (when I made the change). Submitted support ticket to EVernote almost a week ago. . .not a word. Anybody have this experience or have any new ideas? thank you. . .

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First, I would complain directly and loudly to AT&T.

If they can't fix your problem quickly, then you can consider changing the DNS (Domain Name Server) in your Internet settings.

Often, the ISP provided DNS is limited, or can cause problems.  Using a DNS outside of your ISP may help.


For more info, google "Change DNS" and "Issues with isp dns"

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