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(Archived) questions about paid membership

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I am currently using the free version.

- If I start paying the $5 per month, will I still have the option of upgrading to a yearly for $45, or does that promo go away once I start paying monthy?

- What happens if I upgrade to a paying (either monthly or yearly) member, then let it expire? Does my data stay online and accessible?

Thanks for a great product !!

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If you sign up for the $5/month plan, you can Cancel that at any time from the Settings page of your web account. This will prevent it from billing you at the end of the paid month.

Then you can subscribe to the $45/year plan.

If you convert from Premium to Free by canceling your paid subscription, all of your existing content will stay in your account, but new notes will be limited to the Free service level. For example, you'll be able to view old Excel spreadsheets attached to your notes, but you won't be able to add new spreadsheets to notes, or edit and save your existing ones into Evernote.

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Just a couple of follow ups. If I do convert from Premium to Free, can I assume that :

i) I will be able to continue adding any filetypes to LOCAL databases (ie not to be synced) as well as being able to view/read old files (eg spreadsheets) on the Evernote servers

ii) Promotions will not be displayed (until a new version of the software is installed)

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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readyever -

You can only add Premium file attachments to any note if your account is currently Premium. Free users can read any existing attachments that they added when they were Premium, but can't create new ones (including in notes in Local notebooks).

The client will show the promotion window whenever your account is Free. (I.e. this is tied to your current account level, not to the version of the software that you downloaded.)

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