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New Penultimate Release Date?


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I remember that in the conference this year, a new version of Penultimate was announced. Any estimation as to when we can see this? Since iOS 8, Penultimate has become so buggy, it is almost unusable. Since a new version is announced, I assume that is the one that will fix the bugs. Any idea as to when we can see it? (This year, hopefully...)


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I received the Jot Script three days ago, as a big fan of Evernote, I wanted to like the product, to be honestly, I could type quicker than writing with the pen. I have tried 6 apps and all seam to have flaws. Simple writing a legible note seems to much to ask

I would be keen to know when Penultimate will be releasing the new version, before I send back the JS, unfortunately not fit for purpose

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Can relate to your frustration, particularly given that the Jotscript is an Evernote branded product.

As much as I am a devotee of all that is Evernote, I have had reasonable success with Noteshelf and the Jotscript. The Sync to EN works well also.

Noteshelf have just released an update which improves it's performance on ios8 and iPad Air 2.

Also it has a very good interface with Livescribe3 by the way .

Anyway suggest you give it a try.

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