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Evernote Sync with Outlook

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Hi all,


So I saw a few threads touching on this issue in different aspects but wanted some advice.  My company does not support Android so I can't connect to our Exchange server without getting a nasty-gram from corporate.  I know I can set up a forward for my emails to Evernote but is there a way to sync my Outlook calendar?  I know I can't do this directly but would syncing Outlook to Google calendar and then Google to Evenote work?  Is there another way?


Thanks in advance!

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Various Android apps claim to sync with Outlook - haven't tried them myself,  but you might be able to forge a link there.  Or there's the Google-Outlook link (if you can still use it - Google don't offer it any more,  though existing links still work..)  Also Zapier - https://zapier.com/how-it-works/ - might help.


None of these will sync Outlook Calendar with Evernote automatically,  since Evernote doesn't have a calendar function.


You could set up Evernote Reminders manually - http://youtu.be/eXLNpk8RpSA - to flag dates for you,  and copy/ paste meeting/ travel details into your note,  or change the created date of the note and list your notes by created date,  descending to see a list of your future commitments.  Or you could right-click a note and Copy Note Link to paste a direct link to your note into Outlook.


Hope some of that helps...

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You might try Nozbe, I think if you sign up with them and then hook up Evernote they are then putting reminders with dates on Google Calendar which you could then sync with Outlook. I'd start with a free account and see how that goes. 

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