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(Archived) Sending links not attachments

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Searched for this, but couldn't find it, which actually surprised me a little.

I'd like very much to be able to easily send a link to someone taking them directly to just ONE note in a shared notebook. I realize I can figure out the URL myself, but it'd sure be nice to right-click on the note and be able to grab the URL to paste into an email. Or even better, to have the built in "email" function offer to send a link instead of the actual note.

The reason I don't want to send the whole note, is size. As a network/Exchange admin, I don't really believe in sending large (5mb+) attachments via email. It's really not what email was designed to do, and with the multiple antivirus scans, and with many corporate systems limiting the size and type of attachments that can be sent, sending links is the way to go.

It seems like this would be trivial to implement, but nice to have.

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