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Is there a possibility to set reminders to location? For instance, I need to remember to get something at the trainstation before I hop on a train, so I would like to be reminded when I get to the trainstation. Is this something Evernote can do, or will be able to do in the future?


Thanks in advance!

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Sorry no. You can geo tag your notes and set non-repeating reminders, but you can't have the latter go off based on location. As to whether Evernote will ever have such a feature, they don't discuss their roadmaps. (Don't hold your breath waiting for a desired feature that may or may not ever happen.) ☺

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Definitely interesting to be able to set a reminder based oin where you physically are at a given time.  If you need to see a certain book,  set the reminder to pop up when you're at the library.  If you need to buy meat,  set it to pop up at the supermarket.  Evernote doesn't do anything remotely like this,  but different 'to-do' apps in the App Center (see below) may have something like this if you need it...

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