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It cannot be done on mobile devices just yet - but on desktop you can...


  • customize your toolbar and hide the toolbar icon (right click on tool bar)... AND
  • in the left panel, you can get rid of the icon by going to View > Left Panel > Show Messages (Uncheck "Show Messages")
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It cannot be done on mobile devices just yet


You can on mobile devices of the iOS persuasion, though: Swipe left on the conversation you want to delete and press "Delete". No option to remove Work Chat entirely, though.


And your description for desktop is only true for the Windows app. On the Mac, the toolbar is customised to Mr. Libin's needs and fits us all.

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I am trying to delete the "work chat' history".  Every time I open the work chat from Windows 8.1 app or from the www.evernote note (only from PC, not tablet, not iphone, not ipad, not kindle), I see all work chat history to whom sent etc....In fact, I used work chat just to inform friends about work chat feature...


Is this done from configuration or setting, or just delete?  looks like there is no provision to delete.

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Aaah... "A work chat" conversation... I was barking up the wrong tree. 


Wow... didn't realize Mac was inflexible in that regard.


The OS X and iOS clients are inflexible in almost all regards.

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This is sad. Experienced EN users are fumbling around with this clunky new "feature" called Work Chat, because it was rolled out with poor communication and instruction. Nobody really seems to knows how you're supposed to use it, why it's "better" and it's not intuitive to figure out on your own. Just sad. 

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From what i understand, one can only delete the workchat from one's own account but that won't take it back from whoever it was sent / shared with.   

What is desperately needed is a message callback, at least, for messages that haven't yet been read by the receipient.  like Skype allows you to delete a line in a chat.


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