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Lock or confirmation dialog for edit of note title





I have a problem that a lot of my notes get their titles changed by accident.


This can easily happen when searching as the cursor often is moved to the title field of the note.


A change of title will in turn make it difficult to find back to the note.


I spend a lot of my time in Evernote looking for notes that had their title changed by accident and changing the titles back to original.


This is currently my biggest frustration with the program.


I therefore request a lock for the not title, or a confirmation dialog, to protect the title from unintended edits.

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I am using desktop version 6.0.3 for mac. the undo function cmd-z stopped working long time ago for title changes. just try it yourself and you will see. we therefore need a lock function to make unintended changes more difficult. perhaps a double click or something simple like that to enable editing of the title field is enough.

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