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Not sure which platform you're talking about, but in Mac thread I've replied to similar questions as follows:

The new version removed certain functions around presenting multiple notes, that's true as you state and also intentional.
Our reasoning is that usually, all you want to do is present a single note and the current version gets rid of many buttons that would let you navigate to the next or previous note which are usually unrelated to what you’d like to present. By focusing on single note presentations, we were able to improve the user interface drastically and avoid clutter.
If you want to present multiple notes, you can use the ‘table of contents’ feature (multiselect wanted notes and press 'create table of content in mac multiselect view). We feel that this is the best and quickest way to prepare a collection of notes (or your entire notebook) which you can then easily present.
-ENTER to open a note
- CMD-[  or use the back button to go back to the TOC to choose another note to present
- CMD-] you can return from TOC to previously presented note
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The arrows still work on the Windows desktop client in Presentation mode... and it is still possible to flip through notes on iOS. Is that about to change?


The table of contents workaround doesn't seem to be quite as elegant... because one would assume scrolling through a note and then transitioning to the next one would be much more intuitive in many cases than having to operate via a table of contents by either scrolling back to the beginning of a note or inserting note links all over the show.


Why would this have been rolled back on Mac? A serious downgrade in functionality... especially in an area that Evernote is actively developing and promoting as something that will give MS Office a run for it's money (or make it obsolete, as I read somewhere). 


Why not leave the details about how one chooses to present to the user himself? In my experience, it is easy to enter a notebook or tag context in which to isolate... and present within that limited set of notes. Would a user not have been able to figure this out already? 


The solution presented here is just creating more work than is necessary. I totally do not understand or see the logic in that piece of reasoning. The fact that someone came to the forums to ask about that feature being unavailable... means that they were using it just fine without Evernote assuming they knew a better workflow/ dynamic for the individual user. Please seriously consider this. Pretty please! 

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By the way...


has Evernote considered that creating a TOC is not currently possible on mobile devices ... even though presentation mode may more often than not be accessed on a tablet? So you're now advocating the necessity of having to use 2 platforms (or else 2  different strategies) to get a presentation underway on, say, iPad VS Mac Desktop - In other words, if one has an iPad and a Mac, the experience cannot be standardized as of yet:

  • One needs to set up a TOC on Mac to access on iPad (to standardize things)
  • One will need to set up a notebook/ tag context on iPad which doesn't work for Mac presentations now 

It would make more sense to roll out the changes simultaneously on all platforms... and at the same time, enable the creation of TOC's on mobile devices. Does Evernote not have some sort of mechanism in place that takes into consideration the use of multiple platforms by its users... and to roll out features simultaneously? Or at least hold off on rolling back features until there is a similar user experience across clients?

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We are bringing back the possibility to present multiple notes a time. Please give it a try in Mac 6.0.4 BETA 2 if you're a beta user (note the keys are not 'just' left/right anymore but CMD+left/right).

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Implementation idea:  If a user creates a Table of Contents (TOC) note, she is expressing a desire to order the presentation exactly as notes links are arranged in the TOC note.  It is quite ridiculous to require the user to return to the TOC note between each note in the presentation.  Far better, and what users would expect, is to simply allow pressing the space bar (or right arrow or Ctrl-right arrow) to step from one note to the next as determined the order of the note links the TOC note, not by the note list sort order.  If a note is so large that it requires multiple screens, then repeatedly pressing the space bar (or right arrow or Ctrl-right arrow) would step through the note and then, if no more of that note remains to display, move on to the next note in the order specified by the TOC note.

Alternative implementation idea: Allow notes to be arranged manually in the same way that reminders can be rearranged.  This way, the presentation can follow the sort order.  I know this has been requested many times in the past and still we do not see it.

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The workaround I have for this is multi step but it serves it's purpose. My example is reading my personal journal in presentation format at least one month at a time.

I have a notebook named TempMerge. I highlight my journal entries for the month I want to read, right click on them and copy them to TempMerge. In TempMerge I have to change the titles so the dates all match. I started out with 020315, progressed to 02.03.15 and settled on 2015.02.03. If the titles aren't all in the same format the order of journal entries will be wrong. I select all notes and merge, rename the resulting note and copy it back to Personal Journal. What I end up with is a note in Personal Journal named 2015.02 Personal Journal which I can read in presentation mode.

I haven't tried something more than a months worth of notes but I suspect the procedure would work for any number of notes. The challenge seems to be ordering the notes before the merge.

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1 hour ago, EHSI said:

In TempMerge I have to change the titles so the dates all match. I started out with 020315, progressed to 02.03.15 and settled on 2015.02.03.

Is there a reason you're using that title/date convention for your journals.  Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 8.17.41 PM.png
I use yyyy/mm/dd on my individual notes
This allows them to be sorted using title sequence

On my Mac and iPad , I can move between notes; so I don't need to merge the notes

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