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Traveling with Evernote, Using OLSET integration.

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Hi there EN users, 


My company OLSET,  recently won the 3rd best startup integration at EC4  for our app that basically turns Evernote into your Personal Travel Concierge. We use big data in the form of 100 million traveler reviews to recommend hotels for you based on your detailed preferences whenever you create a note with travel dates and a destination in it. We basically search through the reviews for you, and make recommendations on hotels when you need to travel, all inside Evernote.


We are really proud of the app and we have had several hundred early adopter Evernote users try it out and give feedback. 


What I'd love is to get a few of you Evernote Experts to check it out and let us know what you like, don't like etc.. your feedback would directly impact the future of our Evernote app. We'd even blog about you and share your help on our social media pages!!!


To try it out for yourself, get started linking your Evernote to OLSET and getting your professional hotel recommendations click here: https://olset.com/evernote


Thanks and if you have any feedback or ideas please email me andrew@olset.com

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Hi - it might be interesting to use your app if it covers the UK and Europe,  but I can't find any more detailed information on your service without linking up my account and becoming a user.  Would you be prepared to put a few more specifics or some general examples out there so us 'undecideds' can work out whether it's worth the hassle of linking - and maybe unlinking again - to find out more?  I already use a selection of the obvious travel sites like Expedia to research trips - why is your service better?

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@Gazumped fantastic question and a resounding yes, I would be more than delighted to give you every bit of information you need to make an informed decision...which is exactly what I needed to hear. Maybe we need to do that better in the onboarding experience, explain why you should go through the hassle of linking etc. 


Here's the main reason:


-After you've linked accounts and signed up...we completely remove the hassle out of researching and booking hotels. OLSET's patented matching algorithm can cut your educated hotel booking search (meaning you looking at reviews to gain insight as to what matches your interests) down to 1 minute from 1 hour, literally.


We do this through categorizing traveler review data (millions of review sentiments) like never before into an easy to decipher report card we call the "Match Breakdown". Every hotel recommendation note you get from OLSET will include a thumbs up, down or the indifferent sideways to indicate whether or not the reviews we parsed were indeed favoring the items you deemed as extremely important to your hotel booking decision.  So in a few words we can save you a tremendous amount of time booking hotels by doing the heavy lifting for you, with machines.  We save you time, and if you're a frequent traveler...we save you an incredible amount of time year over year. 


Beyond this, we also have price comparison between all major hotel booking sites with each recommendation as well..so without ever visiting a single site, whilst still inside Evernote, you will see the price of the best hotel options for your trip, across each major site you would need to visit to get ready to make an educated, informed decision....all inside Evernote. 


So to quickly recap, you spend a few minutes setting up your account, linking to Evernote and then anytime you need to book a hotel we save you a tremendous amount of time in that regard. 

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I would sincerely appreciate your feedback on the entire experience. 


You can email me directly. andrew@olset.com 


Thanks and enjoy the magic!



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