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Mac Book Pro Post Crash Notes Disappeared



As everyone knows there is an ongoing issue with the Mac Book 2011 series and as part of the even, I had a system crash just a couple of weeks back and had to do an Time Machine Backup to restore my data which has been quite inconvenient as well.


Nonetheless, I've had to reinstall Evernote and after using my usual User Id and Password found that most of my notes were lost. Just some random Notebooks were still intact with old dated stuff that was not of importance however my more critical Project Notebooks were all gone.


Did someone have to go through the same efforts and do you have some suggestions for me? I did open up an ticket as an Premium account and logged a couple of tickets but never herd from anyone. The Chat does not seem to work as featured on the Evernote Support website as well.


Any help would be appreciated? 

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Hi - just on the ticket issue:  did you get an acknowledgement with a ticket number after your report?  If not,  your message didn't get through - please try again.  You can find support via:


    Website      https://evernote.com/contact/support/
    Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/evernote?fref=ts
    Twitter         https://twitter.com/Evernotehelps


If you did get a ticket number,  please post it here and we can flag it for a passing Admin to look into...


Chat works weekdays / LA time,  so depending where you are in the world that might give you limited access.

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