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(Archived) Feature Requests


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I've been using the Android beta for a few weeks now and would suggest the following:

1) Ability to set the default resolution for picture notes.

2) Ability to monitor monthly usage. I think this already exists on the iPhone app.

3) Indication of GPS accuracy. In other apps you can see the accuracy is +/-32ft. or whatever

4) Turn on GPS from Evernote application. It is a pain to exit evernote, turn on GPS, launch evernote (when I forget to turn it on initially)

5) Provide an indicator that a particular note contains GPS coordinates

6) Determine the size of a note (properties)

7) Navigate to a note. I know you can do this already, but would request fewer steps.

8) Rotate a picture. You should be able to take a picture in landscape or portrait.

9) Local storage (especially if the note was made on the phone) as others have suggested,

10) real-time compass indicator to notes with GPS coordinates. For example, this exists in the Google "Places Directory"

11) All the other options available in the iPhone app (but I assume you are working to those)

Thinking of others......

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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