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convert my handwritten notes to a text format

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I use my Boogie Board Sync 9.7 to write some short stories.

I can save them as pdf/jpg and later Evernote can search for them based on my handwriting just fine.

However I was wondering if there isn't a way (some OCR software) that can automatically convert my handwritten notes to a text format (like


As of now, I have to retype the whole story into Word manually.


Can anyone help me with this?

Is there some built-in (paid) functionality within Evernote or some 3rd party compatible app that can achieve this?




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There's nothing in Evernote that can help you - OneNote might be able to convert writing to copyable text,  but unless you have very clear handwriting I'd imagine there might be a lot of editing too...

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sadly, after over a year of searching, still nothing

d only option is live writing, with the BB connected to a PC and using the default type area, but it is very slow and you have to keep watching the screen to make sure you are within the type area

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other than that Boogie Board Rip had this software download; i tried downloading but it doesn't work fr Sync

so if u cn gt ur hands on a Rip :P


Hi.  Onenote is the only thing (so far) that has this functionality.

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