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What does 25 MB look like as the maximum single note size in the free phone app?



My Evernote App keeps telling me that "A list exceeds the maximum note size of 25 MB and cannot be synced."  What does 25 MB look like?  My longest note has a list of 70 books (text only) that I want to read.  None of my notes have attachments.  They are all text.  

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If you set Evernote to display in List view, right click on the column headers and enable the "size" column. Sort by size by clicking on the new Size column header. locate the largest note (which will be either at the top or bottom of the list). If Evernote is correct, the largest note should be larger than 25mb and this should be indicated in the "size" field for that note. That is what 25mb looks like, and now you should be able to remedy the issue. 


The length and the size of the note may not be perfectly correlated. A single 20mb attachment is not nearly as "long" as 90,000 words, but 90,000 words of plain text is surely smaller than a 20mb attachment. So "length" isn't a great indicator, necessarily.


It is also possible that this note is in your trash. Try clearing your trash (or applying the same technique outlined above to your trash to isolate and remove that one troublesome note from the trash). 

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