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Copy to clipboard?



I use the Evernote menu bar icon on the Mac to make screen grabs of portions of my screen and want to know if it's possible to copy the selected area to the clipboard and then paste it (command + V) into my current note in Evernote. It drives me crazy that every time I grab an image with EV it create and opens a new untitled note. Hard to believe what I'm describing doesn't exist yet in such a complete app like this. Am I missing something. Is it a hidden feature?  

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Two ways to do this:

1) After selecting the area, just drag the image into your current note from the quick note window

2) Use the Mac's built in Command-Control-Shift-4 to copy part of the screen to the clipboard

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Thanks Justin. I didn't know about being able to drag from the quick note window ... perfect! The Mac's built-in feature would be great too, but at the moment I have that command set up to send clippings to my Dropbox folder and what gets copied to the clipboard is the link the file. I think that keyboard command could be changed, but I'm so used to it it's second nature now. Probably just easier to use the EV quick note window trick. Thanks a lot! 

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