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Please let me know what your Tag View screen looks like



I am using EN 5.3 on a Mac.  There are postings on this Forum, including mine, requesting that EN alter the green on gray (or gray on gray, whatever it may be) to make it legible, because as it currently is the screen is quite difficult to read.  

This week, I asked EN employee SoftwareMarcus whether, with respect to this issue, 5.7 makes any change to 5.3. His response was that 5.7 makes no change to 5.5 regarding this issue. Because I am not using 5.5, I cannot tell whether SoftwareMarcus' reply to me is a "yes" or a "no".  If you are running 5.5 would you please let me know whether your tag view page is still green/gray or did 5.5 fix this problem?  


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Thanks Exp for the screenshot.  


There are two points of good news in SoftwareMarcus' reply to me:


1. EN has admitted that they are aware of this issue, while they previously had ignored all questions about it; and,


2. EN has admitted that the gray on gray is difficult to read. To quote SoftwareMarcus: "... It is a dark gray on gray background and for my old eye it's a little hard to read."


There are, regrettably, two points of bad news as well:


1. There has never been any indication that EN cares that their customers find the gray on gray "hard to read"; and, 


2. Nothing that SoftwareMarcus said provides any basis for hoping for any change.

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