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1 Line Listing of EN notes

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I managed to change the view to only show 1 line of the list view.
Now I want to change it back and see a whole bunch of lines of the notes I have.

How do I do this as I can't find the double arrow between the summary view and preview of the selected Note

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It really helps to disclose the Evernote client you are using (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web or whatever). On the Windows client, you use the F5 key to switch among the various list views. On Android, it's a function of the note list sorting.

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Hi Jeff
Thanks for the insight, sadly using F5 rolls through the different ways to view the Notes (List, Snippet or Card)
In the List view I can only see 1 line and want to return to how it was before I grabbed the bar between the list view and the preview panel below.

Having moved it up to see more of the preview panel, I now can't move the bar back down.
Good point about the Evernote client I'm using the Windows version.

My Android phone does not have the same issue (yet)


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If the bar has moved up and is stuck,  you may have moved it up past the point of no return.  If that's the case -

  • Shut down Evernote completely (File / Exit)
  • Go to the Registry and find the Evernote key (KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote)
  • edit the value "ListViewHeight" to something like 200.
  • Restart Evernote.

If you're not comfortable dealing with Registry issues check out ENRegEd which can make the necessary changes for you.

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