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(Archived) "Author" text disappears while typing



This happens all the time: I copy some text on a web page, and select "Paste to Evernote".

When I'm filling out the information in the new note header, I'll be typing in the Author field and suddenly for no reason, the field gets cleared! It seems to happen after I've typed a certain number of characters (about 16 in the most recent case). Or sometimes it happens when I hit TAB after filling in the Author field.

I re-enter the information, and this time it works. I don't think it's ever done it twice on the same note.

This has been a persistent problem over at least the last several versions of Evernote.

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OK, it has been almost 5 months and several releases since I reported this bug and Evernote acknowledged it. It still isn't fixed.

If you don't consider this a high-priority bug, perhaps you could share with us your criteria for determining what is high priority.

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This problem is, if anything, getting worse. Whereas formerly I never had to type the author information more than twice, recently I have had cases where I had to enter it three or four times before it would "stick."

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