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Switch share-button with sync-button

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I need the sync-button many times per day so I have to open the menu to see and press this button every time.
The share-button is constantly visible at the top of the screen but sharing a note is a thing that I do only one time in a year.

Are there people that share notes more often than syncing the notes? I guess no.
I know that it is possible to auto-sync every x minutes but an additional manual sync is needed in many situations.

So it could be a good idea to switch the position of this buttons.


Even better: In other Android apps you can start the sync-process by simply pulling the list of items down. So there is no need for a sync-button any more. This could be a comfortable solution also for evernote on android.


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New version. I think that Share got de-emphasized, in favor of Work Chat. To share now, you long-press on a note or a notebook (in notebook view; it's also hanging off each notebook's menu). There's no sync button either, on top of the screen in either of the tablet or the phone versions. There is one on the left panel of the tablet version, though.

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I'm confused. I don't have a sync button anywhere near a share button that I'm aware of.  ...


I mean the sync-button in the left menu (the menu that you can swipe in) and there it is placed at the bottom. For me this sync-button it is a little to hidden compared to the share-button that is present all times at the top of the screen.

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Not sure if this is helpful or not, but here's my experience with the newest updates to the Android app as of Friday, November 7, 2014:

➡ When I open Evernote, I can access the Sync function by tapping on the three vertical dots in the upper right-side of the screen, just as Gazumped suggested. It brings up a menu, which includes the option to Sync.

➡ When I click on a specific note to view or edit it, but have *not* opened it be tapping the pencil in a green circle icon located on the Lower Right-hand side of the screen, the new Work Chat button and the three vertical dots menu now appear on the far upper right-hand side of the screen. However, tapping it brings up a different menu than the one that appears from the home screen listing all notes. The Sync option is NOT included in this menu.

➡ If I bring up an existing note to view or edit and do tap the pencil in the green circle editing icon - or create a new note - the Sync option now appears in the far upper Left-hand side of the in the form of a large checkmark next to the word "DONE." Both are inside a faded rectangular outline box.

➡ If editing an existing note, or working on a new one, the menu that appears if you tap the three vertical dots in the far upper right-hand side of the screen, brings up two options, Save and Settings. The Save option is helpful if you're going to spend a fair amount of time and effort working on a note, but be sure to NOT confuse it with Sync, as it will *not* Sync to the EN Servers.


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