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Can I sync Evernote between my two email accounts

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I don't want to share my notes, like many people, but I've got a home email address and a college one. I have different sets of notes on them but would like them synced, having both addresses on one Evernote account.  Can I do this? 

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I assume you mean you have two Evernote accounts linked to two separate email addresses.  You can't use both addresses to log into one account.  You could move all your notes into one account and sign in with one of your email addresses,  or you could keep your separate accounts,  but 'share' your notebooks from one account to the other so all notes are visible within one account.


To move notes around,  use Export Notes to ...  an ENEX file on one account (create one file for each notebook)  - then log in to the other account and Import the same notes into their original notebook name.  Once you've done this for all notebooks in the account,  and you've double checked to make sure all the notes are now in one account,  you could delete all notebooks in the 'donor' account and sync it to the servers to delete the notes in that account.

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