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Evernote for Archiving .pdf documents


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Hi everyone,


I am wondering whether anyone can advise on the suitability of using evernote to archive .pdf documents. 


I am aware that the Evernote user is limited to 250 notebooks, and given that we can work with this limitation (using tags effectively), I have a few additional questions


  • is there a limit to the number of notes in any given notebook?
  • is there a limit to the size of a note? Could it, for example, manage a .pdf document of 200 pages?
  • how would the organisation (in this case a church denomination) ensure that original files remain intact? Is this just managed in the sharing permissions?
  • I am assuming the search .pdf function would work over a file of considerable size - would there be any speed issues?
  • some of the older documents are typewritten, and reproduced by Gestetner type equipment. Files seem to be searchable enough on my Mac, unsure whether this would be eroded in the web interface
  • some documents will be handwritten - I guess we just have to live with that
  • the overall file, once completed, might be in the order of 30,000 pages - does Evernote have the capacity to manage this?
  • am I right to assume there is only two levels in a stack, the 'Notebook Stack' (which contains no independent notes) and all the sub-notebooks, which contain the notes. i.e.. you cannot have stacks within stacks...


Any other insights or examples of how Evernote has been used in this manner would really be helpful...


Thanks for your time.


Dave Groenenboom,

Perth, WA

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I think many of your questions can be answered in:

While Evernote does a great job of storing lots of relatively small (<< 20 MB) PDFs, you may encounter problems with the larger  PDFs.  Of course, the max PDF size is limited by the max Note size (see limits above).


We have one member, GrumpyMonkey, who has tried to store a lot of large PDFs, and it didn't work out well.

So, I would not advise using Evernote to store a large library, or archive, of large PDFs.


There are essentially three levels of organizational containers in Evernote:

  • Stacks -- which can contain ONLY Notebooks
  • Notebooks -- which can contain ONLY Notes (i.e., NO sub-notebooks)
  • Notes -- which can contain text, media, and attachments of any type, including PDF

Of course there are Tags, which are independent of Notebooks, and can be applied to multiple Notes.

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