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Looking for some help linking directly to emails

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I need to link directly to specific email messages in Evernote or some program somewhere AND I need to be able to make changes from MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc. 


I've found 2 methods that somewhat accomplish what I'm trying to do, but both have bugs when it comes to using it on my iPhone. 


1: When I'm on my MacBook, I can drag and drop an email into a note. I can then click on the link and be taken directly to the email where I can reply, delete, forward, etc. This is fantastic - exactly what I need -  but when I try to click on the link from my iPhone, it takes me only to my mailboxes - not to the email message that it's linked to. 


2. So I played with it and researched for hours when I finally learned that if I drag and drop the email into TextEditor, I can then right click, select "copy link" and then paste it into the note. Even though the link is long and ugly when I do it this way, it still works. So I decided to do that, but again, I opened it on my phone, this time it worked to pull up the email, but then I noticed that if I make any changes to the note from my phone - no matter how big or small, all the links to the emails I've put in "deactivate" or are no longer clickable. 


Is there some type of workaround or another program outside of Evernote that I can use to accomplish this?

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There are some fundamental differences in the way apps work between portable small-screen devices and larger notebooks and laptops.  It's partly an access issue,  partly OS.  If what you're doing is all about editing,  deleting and forwarding emails,  I'd suggest you look for a mail client.

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