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Allow an unregistered person to view Evernote notebook

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Hi - I've spent some time searching for the answer to my question but have been unsuccessful.


A couple of years ago I shared a notebook with a manager, and I believe he was abie to view the notebook without creating an account.


I'm trying to do the same again now.  I have a free account.  When I choose to share the notebook, there is no option for the invited user to view without joining or registering, as some of my research suggests there should be.  Is it still possible to do this?


If not, I will probably create a dummy account for him to sign in with, but I'd prefer to just send a link and allow him to view the notebook directly if possible.


Many thanks.

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Hi - it seems as though Evernote want to require everyone reading a note to do so through their own Evernote account.  To be fair,  that is better security - if you share a link which is freely viewable then the person(s) with whom you share the link could pass it on to others who could also view the content.  You can still share individual notes by emailing them,  but notebooks have to be viewed in Evernote.

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