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Icons on mobile EverNote disappear

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When I log into EverNote on my cell phone, I'm invited to "try the new format" and a vertical row of green icons appear on the right side of my screen - - the icons represent 'new note', 'audio note', etc. When I tap on one of the icons, like the audio, I can immediately make a recorded message. However, after using an icon, all the green icons disappear and I can't find a way to keep them on my home screen. Using them is fast and perfect.... But I can't find them, or get them to stay on my home screen - please, how can I get these icons to remain. I use the audio function A lot and need to access it easily.

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The widget will have been installed on your phone with Evernote.  Long press your home screen to get an 'add apps and widgets' option and choose widgets.  Page through the widgets screen to see the Evernote options.

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