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"Copy Note Link" behaviour for multiple notes


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Is is possible to copy note links in a user desired order (in the same way as can be done with Merge)?




The following notes are created in chronological order:


Note A, Note B, Note C, Note D


..they are displayed as 


Note D, Note C, Note B, Note A


..if they are all selected and a Table of Contents Note is generated the result is..


Note D, Note C, Note B, Note A


..which is fair enough




if notes are then selected in the following order (CTRL Click)


Note B, Note D, Note C, Note A


..and the do a Right Click -> Copy Note Links, instead of Create Table of Contents Note, and the links are pasted to somewhere the result is still the same as before i.e.


Note D, Note C, Note B, Note A


..not exactly what was wanted.


It would be very useful to "Copy Note Links" in a desired order (similar to the functionality of Merging documents).



(Q. Do the Evernote team scan all new posts as it would be useful to have this functionality?)

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Hi.  If you create a TOC note it's possible to copy (or re-sort,  or arrange) the links in any order.  Why would you need to get a different order from a different choice order?


And yes the Evernote team scan each post for new ideas.

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