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2 accounts, sync...mess



Newbie/Dum-Dum moment: 


I've been lightly and increasingly using Evernote as my "notebook" for home, work etc. I'm a bit flighty and apparently in one of those moments created a second Evernote account. I have one associated with a personal email and one associated with a work email. 

I'm getting a message about "potential data loss," understandably.  See attached. It says: 


You previously synced with username XXXXX and are now attempting to sync with username YYYYY. Any data not in the new account will be removed from your computer, including any local changed that you have not synced up to the server. 


My question is: What's my best bet to conserve all my stuff? Is there a way for me to "merge" accounts? Is there a way for me to send myself the notes in email or upload to dropbox or something while I try a sync and see what happens? I only have about 50 - 60 fairly brief, simple notes. 


Thanks, all! 



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