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(Archived) Evernote 1.1B2: Can't open notes


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Device : HTC Hero GSM

ROM: 2.73.405.5 (Most recent as of today)

Android : 1.5

Evernote : 1.1B2 (55505)

I'm having problems with viewing the full note,both on WIFI and 3G/2G. Evernote starts normally, I can upload picture notes/text notes, no problem there. I can even view "Recent Notes". The new notes are there, as are the old ones. I even get the thumbnail view of the notes and I can tell that they are correct. But when I try to open a note, no matter which one, I can't open it. I can see that the note's description is correct and the "loading" icon is "circulating". But the background is completely white. No matter how many minutes I let it load. Search function within Android is also working and the auto tekst function within pictures.

What's up?

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